Monday, October 15, 2007

So what has the idiot-king accomplished in 7 years?

Sunday, October 14

John Stroebel


*He corrupted the American election process even before he served a day.

*He read 'My Pet Goat' while being told we were under attack...gave the airlines a couple billion two days later (hush money) and tried to tell us it was a fire that brought down the two of the LARGEST buildings in the world. HE never DID tell us what hit the Pentagon or how Building 7 imploded.

*He invaded Afghanistan, which is not in the grips of violence worse then Oct 2001. They have had 2 record opium crops in the past two years, and the Taliban and al Quada are stronger than before we attacked.

*He told us Iraq had stockpiles of WMD, were building a nuke to use against us within one year, and we have since invaded and over one million Iraqi civilians are dead. This has cost us over 500 billion dollars, 3700 REPORTED US military deaths and over 50,000 wounded. Iraq is not in our control, the road to the Baghdad airport has never been secure, and we are paying mercenaries $1,000 a day to shoot whoever they please without any penalties. Baghdad has little or no running water and electricity after almost 5 years, Iraq is in the grips of a cholera outbreak, and there was never any WMD stockpiles or nuked being made. Last, we allowed the 'insurgents' aka resistance/freedom fighters, access to the Iraqi Army's weapons and ammo dumps which they emptied.

*Halliburton has been providing as much material and services as they are capable of, all on no bid contracts. Cheney's deferred stock options in Halliburton are still rolling over.

*Blackwater is now an 'SS'-style 'security force' that is out of control.

*All the costs of these activities are still unpaid, and China owns half our national debt of 12 TRILLION dollars, double what it was in 2001.

*It is harder for Americans to declare bankruptcy because of laws Bushco rammed through.

*New Orleans was allowed to be written off after the hurricane, and is still largely left as it is. This is the first time a US city was abandoned by the US government. Most of the citizens who were 'evacuated' have not returned. The real estate is soon to go on the block.

*Remember the manes: Rove. Rumsfeld. Gannon. Powell. Ashcroft. Gonzalez.

*The 'Patriot Act' literally canceled out the US Constitution.

*Even though OPEC is selling us all the crude we want, gasoline hit all time records time and time again.

*The "Medicare Prescription Plan"

*Remember the places: Gitmo. Abu Graib. Felujah.

*'God Damned Piece of Paper".

*6 to 9 billion dollars is still unaccounted for by Halliburton.

*Bush OK'd the largest cash transfer of 10 billion dollars from the Federal Reserve to Iraq, where it literally 'disappeared'.

*No Child Left Behind.

*The US dollar is now around 86 cents a piece. China has a huge supply on hand.

*The 'illegal alien' incident and the fence on the Tex Mex border.

*Wiretapping of Americans without warrant.

*Death of Habeas Corpus.

*'Extraordinary Rendition" aka drugging and kidnapping foreign citizens.

*Secret CIA prisons overseas.

*Torture of anyone 'suspected' of being a terrorist.

*Bush's new powers to dissolve Congress, declare Martial Law, deploy Federal troops and National Guard troops domestically without the approval of state governors.

*Any American 'suspected' of aiding al Qaida or helping resistance in Iraq...without charges or trial, can be arrested, imprisoned and all his possessions confiscated...without recourse.

*The abandonment of the Kyoto Agreement.


* The upcoming military strike on Iran.

*The rebirth of the Cold War with Russia, aka missiles in Poland.

*The 'nuclear material/technology' sale to India.

* The planned 12 trillion dollar trip to Mars.

*The soon-to-be-repayed, by US taxpayers, US debt on this so called 'War on Terror that just may bankrupt us.


Now these are simply the basics. You may add whatever you wish or argue any single point. My point is this:

WHY has this man and his entire crew, including Dick Cheney, NOT BEEN IMPEACHED AND TRIED IN CRIMINAL COURT?

WHY is America still standing for this?

WHY would we EVER think that allowing him to continue was even remotely wise?

WHY do we tolerate Nancy Pelosi to protect him by preventing a discussion of Impeachment to occur
on the floor of the House?

WHAT do you expect will happen when he leaves...IF he leaves..and all these precedents are left standing for the NEXT 'Decider'?

You may count on ONE THING being true. ALL THIS is NEVER going to get better until we confront it. It will just GET WORSE.