Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 27 Video

David Swanson

It has been over 4 ½ years since the invasion of Iraq. Since that time we have discovered more evidence of what was already obvious: that the reasons we were given for going to war were lies. We have lost the lives of over 1 million Iraqi citizens, and
3,833 U.S. soldiers. Over $600 billion of US taxpayer money has been spent on this illegal occupation, and Bush is asking for billions more.

The time has come for the occupation of Iraq to end. Congress is not doing anything, so it is up to us to make a difference. Over 100 groups have come together under the United For Peace and Justice banner to take a stand and have their voices heard. Those voices are saying loud and clear – END THE WAR!


Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Foundation has created a short video which will reach hundreds of thousands of people just like you who want to do something. You can be part of the effort by signing up to take part in one of 11 events taking place across the country this Saturday October 27th.